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Meet The Owner


Meet Martinette Packer, the owner of Ready Credit Financial, LLC, founded in 2019.


A born and raised native of Fort Worth, TX, Martinette obtained a bachelor’s degree from Texas Wesleyan University and went on to obtain her MBA in Business/Public Administration from Tarleton State University located in Stephenville. Over her career, Martinette has developed extensive experience in the public sector with over 10 years of serving the public and her community.


Early on, Martinette discovered she had a passion that included informing individuals of all options available to them in a variety of different capacities, from education to the government sector and now, financial literacy. Building and sustaining positive, enriched client relationships has always been the foundational core of what Martinette has strived to build her career.


Her interest in financial literacy began years ago when she entered into the tax industry, preparing personal and business taxes, and has since expanded to financial consulting, including services such as credit repair, obtaining business credit, new business setup, and more.


Martinette has dedicated her career to learning and passing on a wealth of knowledge to her clients and their families in all aspects, in an effort to ensure they are able to make well-informed and effective decisions regarding all of their financial resources for many generations to come.

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